Wednesday, 26 March 2014


There are many types of eyeliners out there,

Gel eyeliners

Liquid eyeliners

Pencil eyeliners

Which one do you prefer?

I have tried them all, prefering to tightline my waterline with pencil eyeliners, but prefering to use a liquid eyeliner for my cat eye flick.

Some days I do a little kitten flick, but some days I have a proper cat eye, but I am rarely without eyeliner.

I personally prefer the twist up pencil liners as compared to actual pencils which require sharperning, this is down to sheer laziness.

As for liquid eyeliners, I prefer the pens with felt tip, although they seem to dry out quicker, than the traditional liquid eyeliners. I do find that with usage, whichever type will become a habit and easier to use.

Comparing the few liquid eyeliners which I am testing, the best is still eyeko skinny eyeliners.

but I find it hard to justify £12 on an eyeliner which dries out after about a month. I used to wince when I had to pay £10, and now that prices have gone up, I have been on the hunt for a cheaper eyeliner.

The Rimmel Scandaleyes one definitely smudges after a few hours,

(this is based on several hours test usage)

 the Loreal one smudges too,

but not as quickly as the Rimmel one.

I also currently have some smashbox gel liners and they work just as well as the Bobbi Brown ones, but since gel liner requires an additional brush, I tend to just use liquid pen liners.

Which eyeliners are you using and liking at the moment?

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