Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Escentual Haul

So I recently did an online shop from Escentual after essentially reading about it on Amelia's blog. It was one of the older posts about where she does her hauls and I went to each of them, including, beauty bay and Escentual. So Escentual happened to be doing a up to 1/3 off French Pharmacies and since I was on my way to Sweden, and I really tried not to shop. Well it lasted the weekend. The first thing I did when I got home from the trip was not to unpack or freshen up, it was to do an online shop, and then I rushed off to class.

Here is a little glimpse of the overall shop and I will be going into each product as I go along.

First off, this was a present from Escentual, which was a nice touch. Who does not like freebies? I do not really use nail files like these, prefering the glass ones but this will be handy for emergencies when I am travelling.

Next up, is the Avène Cleanance Mask. I quickly read reviews on products I was keen on buying and this seems to have helped people with their skin. My skin is acting up on me and while the Clarins pink clay mask has been helping me, I prefer not to use it every other day and to switch it up with another mask.

This Caudalie Divine Oil I first received as a sample and I am obsessed with it. It smells like chocolate, and it is non-greasy. A bonus of dry oils I suppose.
It is usable on the face, body and hair, but I tend to use it only on my hair, but it means that I do not fear it clogging up the pores on my face or back, especially as I am prone to bacne.

This Caudalie Grape Water is just a something I use as a toner. I switch it up with the Avene Thermal Water Spray and they are both in easy spritz cans. I prefer the travel sizes as they are lighter and do not take up much space on the dressing table and a little goes a long way. I do use it during the day just to freshen up, and the bottles have just lasted forever so far.

This is my first item from Nuxe and it was an inevitable one. Every beauty blogger goes on and on and on about this lip balm and I thought I was going to go bonkers if I did not get my hands on it. Out of every product, I have unpackaged and tried this one already. It is a matte finish as described by the beauty bloggers, and I can really smell the grapefruit and lemon/lime, but I like it. I probably won't be travelling with this as the idea of dipping my finger into it in public kind of gives me weird feelings, but this may become an essential lip item.

I was lucky enough to try this shampoo whilst at my friend's and the scent is just so delicious! This smells like gorgeous mangoes, so ripe and juicy. It did not irritate my scalp and I do have delicate scalp and I simply had to get the matching conditioners. I am a little peeved that the shampoo is 200ml and the conditioner only 150ml because I always finish my conditioner first when they are the same size. I just go through conditioner like a mad woman!

Good old Bioderma. This is much raved about and truly is a beautiful product. Having tried a number of micellar water/solution, namely the Loreal one, the Garnier one and the Avene one, I have been wanting to buy this and decided to grab it because I bought a 250ml for £9.99 and there was an offer of a free one, taking it down to about £5 each bottle. The Loreal one is about £3.99 for 200ml but the Garnier one is about £3.99 for 400ml so in comparison, the bioderma is not the cheapest one on the market, but with the deal, it made it affordable.

 Lastly, is this Vichy Idelia Serum.
This is my first product from Vichy and they are rather popular in Malaysia and Singapore. I like the advertisement of the product and I tried to get it when I was in Boots but it was out of stock or something a few months ago. Fast forward to the present time, and this was on 1/3 off and I remember wanting to try it so I snapped it up. Just as well, my Clarins Double Serum is down to the last 2 usage and I have a new serum to continue with.

I am extremely happy with my purchases and I have not even started using them (save the lip balm). Are there any products which you swear by or would like to try?

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