Thursday, 10 May 2018

Shiseido Skincare

Shiseido is a very well established Japanese brand which I find myself progressively more drawn to it as time goes by.

I have actually had these for a while and tested them a while back so let me run you through them. The Dark Blue is the regular Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF50+ Wet Force whereas the light blue one is Shiseido Perfect UV Protector SPF50+ Wet Force For Sensitive Skin & Children.

Essentially the wet force formula means that not only does it not wash off upon contact with water, it is almost fortified upon water contact! The difference between the original and the sensitive skin, is actually pretty massive. I love the regular/original formula as it is clear and completely disappears when you apply it and would definitely buy it for holiday (I would not use it for daily because of the wet force formula plus it is expensive). The sensitive skin one is actually not clear but is the usual white sunscreen which leaves a really bad white cast, smells like sunscreen and all in all, since I have no issue with the original/regular formula, I am thankful I do not have to use the sensitive skin one.

Now onto the 4 piece skincare that I received as well. These are all dinky sizes but they offer more product than your typical sachet samples.

The Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Cleansing Foam smells subtly floral and can really foam up when you wet in on your hand. I tend to really lather products up in my hands before applying it to the face. It is surprisingly not drying even though there is so much foam and is nice for a second cleanse in the evening and in the morning. This does feel quite luxe when you use it.

The Shiseido White Lucent Brightening Toner actually feels slightly more viscous than a typical toner but feels lighter than an essence. It is nice applied both with a cotton pad or just tapped into the skin with my fingers. It has a similar scent to the cleanser.

The Shiseido Ultimune Power Infusing Concentrate is definitely the star of the 4 piece skincare set. I love this so much. It is a gel like serum which just immediately makes your skin feel kapow and ready for the day. When used in the evening it also supercharges everything. You know when your skin just feels so great? This it it. Then I had a look at the price online and I crawled away crying.

Finishing up with the shiseido White Lucent Moisturiser, this is nice and has a similar scent to the range. I did find it hard to pour out of the bottle but it hydrates even though it is such a light, watery texture. Japanese innovations.

Overall, I am really impressed with the Shiseido skincare range, which is no surprise really. I do think that Asian skincare would be better for Asian skin. What about you?

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