Tuesday, 8 May 2018

All About Lips #168 - Nutrimetics Natural Moist Lip Balm

The Nutrimetrics Natural Moist Lip Balm is actually a present for my mum from a friend, which meant that I stole it for my blog, as you do.

I have actually never heard of the brand before this but this is meant to be a natural formulation and the lip balm claims to nourish, moisturise and protect, exactly what lip balms are meant to do then.

The Nutrimetrics Natural Moist Lip Balm comes in quite a sleek packaging and I do prefer my lip balms to be a bit on the slimmer and sleeker size.

The actual product is just a clear balm when you apply it and it has no colour whatsoever but does leave the skin feeling nourished and protected. You can definitely feel it on your lips and I think it is nice especially in the mornings before you go on to apply other products. Lip balms can be a bit boring to talk about but I really like them and do not go a day without so this one is certainly a nice one!

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