Thursday, 24 May 2018

Mote Mascara in Natural 02

If you go to any Japanese drugstore/chemist, you will be sure to see Mote Mascaras left, right and centre. They typically have it as a display at eye level in the mascara aisle, but they also tend to have another set up near the entrance or at the beginning of the aisle as well. How much advertising are these guys paying for?

Out of all the mascaras they offer, there is maybe 10? I could not find this information online... I picked this one up in Natural 02 because it had a really interesting wand.

You have a comb like part on one side and it it easy to comb through the lashes with this mascara. The effects? Really lengthening and separating with a little bit of volume.

However, for me I cannot use this mascara by itself because it does not hold a curl up. I do use this after a waterproof mascara to get more separation. So while it is okay, I would not be repurchasing.

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