Saturday, 28 April 2018

Le Métier De Beauté

My first foray into this brand that I have heard so much about, but costs such a bomb, is actually a belated Christmas present from Will. Belated, I hear you ask? Well I received it in February, and I am talking about it in April.....

I know for a fact these were in the salem but while the Le Métier De Beauté Face Kaleidoscope is no longer in the shelves, I am not as sure about the hydra creme lipstick.

The Le Métier De Beauté Hydra Crème Lipstick has an interesting packaging. I personally am not the biggest fan of the swirls but it is weighty and feels luxurious. It also does not attract fingerprint and right in the centre, you have the brand name in red.

The shade I was kindly gifted was the Le Métier De Beauté Hydra Crème Lipstick in Signature Red, which frankly was a classic choice. If you are looking to gift a lipstick, you cannot go wrong with this. First of all, the name Signature Red already says it all!

I know that Will picked this shade because he personally loves reds and dark lips when I wear them. I do enjoy these bold colours but they can be messy if you know you are going for a meal, and they are certainly high maintenance throughout the day! However, you cannot deny that a bold lip is an easy way to upgrade a look!

The Le Métier De Beauté Hydra Crème Lipstick in Signature Red is a satin finish red shade which is neutral in tone (neither warm nor cool) and pulls darker than the pillar box red. The satin finish makes it comfortable to wear and easy to use as a stain, a light wash of colour or as a strong bold lip. The choice is yours!

Next we have the star (sadly discontinued) of the show - Le Métier De Beauté Exquisite Kaleidoscope. I do not see this in stores anywhere so if you are able to get hold of it, it will probably be on some sort of discount and it is really worth the money on discount! At full price it costs an absolute fortune (£80.......)

First things first, the packaging is very cool and unique (it is trademarked/patented, I cannot remember which!) You do get a mirror at the top of the compact which is always helpful.

Then you have 4 pans of colours that you can swivel out individually for usage or altogether for a cool effect/picture. If you ever hit pan and finish the colours (a feat in itself) you can actually purchase the individuals to pop into this kit. Those are all still available on their website.

Starting right at the bottom, you get a blush shade, which is Plié - a cool toned blush. I love that the name sounds like and is probably an inspiration from the ballet move. This is quite a pigmented blush so do go in with a light hand. I tend to use my fluffier brushes to diffuse the colours and the shade is actually quite similar to the shade I flush when I work out!

The next shade up is Ballotte - a bronze shade. I can just about get away with using this even as a nose contour because it is not too warm. I would not say this is a contour shade because you can clearly see it does not have that grey/cool undertone. Use with a fluffy brush to diffuse the colour, which again, is quite pigmented, this bronze gives life to the skin and I especially love to use it as an eyeshadow colour!

This is an illuminator, which is probably better suited to deeper skin tones and the shade is Arabesque (again, ballet reference!) It is way too dark for me to use as a highlighter. There is no way I can get away with this whatsoever as a highlighter or blush (too shimmery). I use it as an eyeshadow and boy is it stunning. I really love it.

Finally we have an illuminator which is meant to be for lighter skin tones, which is called Brisé. The textures of these highlighters feel almost like a cream and it melts into the skin when you apply it and never looks powdery. I still find this a little dark on my skin and you can really see it. However I still love it but I mix it with other highlighters and it just helps the highlighter have a slightly pinker tone and melt into the skin. IT IS AMAZING. I do use it as an eyeshadow as well.

My Christmas presents from Will have been a real treat this time and I am delighted with Le Métier De Beauté and it really is a luxurious brand. It is not exactly something that most people will be able to afford, but I have seen a lot of people loving the cream blushes so I am tempted to try that out. I do see that since its relaunch on Space NK, the items are all on sale again, which might mean that it is leaving the shelves again (it does not look like it has done too well) which is a real shame because the quality of the products are beautiful but they are really, really eye-wateringly expensive.

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