Saturday, 3 March 2018

The Face Shop #2

I popped into The Face Shop to pick up 2 items, both recommended by bloggers I follow in Malaysia and I thought hey, why not try it out?

I like that The Face Shop gives you a little bag to hold your shopping without excessive packaging or a super big bag. A little bag is more than enough and it feels less wasteful.

First up, Eros from FishMeatDie likes this Dr. Balmeur Spot Patch Kit and said that he thinks it is better than the Cosrx one which I love and have bought repeatedly, so I thought, hey, I am definitely going to try that out.

First up, this one costs more, but actually is better value for money because you get a lot more patches. In fact, inside the pack, you get 3 separate packages!

You get 2 of the Spot Hydrocolloid Band and 1 Spot Plaster Band. I actually use them the same way.
If you are wondering, yes these are actually better than the Cosrx ones. They stick better, and are just a better fit all in all.

The sponge, was recommended by Shivani from PenMyBlog and this is just as she said! It removes your oily mess easily (oily mess when you use a cleansing oil to take off your makeup) or when you wash your face in the morning, this removes everything easily and provides a quick, gentle exfoliation. I love this. Do clean and dry it properly!

Finally we have The Face Shop Mask Brush.

This is not a rubberised one piece applicator, it actually has bristles and all that, which is really soft and not scratchy (very important!)

I will say that using this to apply face mask has been amazing. There is less of a mess, I use less product as I can get a really thin layer on the face, which means less waste! It is also easy to clean this, love.

This haul has been a complete win as all products have impressed me so much.

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