Sunday, 12 November 2017

MakeUpGeek Contour Pan + Duochrome Eyeshadow Pan

Apart from the lip products, I actually bought the MakeUpGeek Contour Pan in Complicated, which is described as a cool medium, and the MakeUpGeek Duochrome Eyeshadow Pan in Havoc, which I love to the moon and back.

The MakeUpGeek Contour Pan in Complicated comes in a round pan, which I actually quite like as you can just skip the depotting and put it in your Z palette or any other palette. You can also buy a holder but I chose not to.

So if you take it out of the sleeve it comes from, it really is quite thin and a generous sized pan. It is so big for a contour. I usually find bronzers to be quite big and contours/sculpting powders to be a lot smaller because people don't go too crazy with contour, or so we pray. So this is really quite generous for a contour.

As you can see from the swatch, the powder is actually quite pigmented and a little on the darker side. To be completely fair, I did not just dip/tap my finger in, I did swirl it a little. So if you are interested in this, do use it sparingly and do not go too crazy!

The MakeUpGeek Duochrome Eyeshadow Pan in Havoc is a red eyeshadow with green flashes. It looks green in the pan, but swatches beautifully. I never thought duochrome would be something I would like, (I bought this because it was on sale and I was curious about the eyeshadows), but this has blown me out of the water.

The eyeshadow pan looks quite small and especially next to the contour pan. However, it is actually quite a decent size and I have never really hit pan with any of my eyeshadows (oops) and I have used this quite a lot and it still looks pretty pristine.

In this swatch because it's quite a pigmented swatch you see a lot of the green reflect but not so much of the red base.

When you blend it out, you definitely see the duochrome effect and it is gorgeous. This is quite hard to catch on still photo but you can see it better in video.

Here I am actually wearing both the products but you can't quite see the contour because of the photo angle, and the fact that I wore it more naturally to go out, than to build it up to show you on camera (yes, there is a difference between photo makeup and daily going out makeup)

I attempt to show you the MakeUpGeek Duochrome Eyeshadow in Havoc here. It is a really easy one eyeshadow look as it looks like you have put in a lot of effort, when you have not.

It looks more red-brown which is why it is such an easy eyeshadow to wear, and you get the green reflects. Stunning.

I usually use this without eyeshadow primer so that it has better blendability and do not catch as much. I don't like this eyeshadow to just stick on because of the duochrome effect. If you must wear an eyeshadow primer, I would suggest using a paler eyeshadow to just even things out and then go on top with this.

I love this, and the formula is stunning. I have been really impressed with everything I picked up from MakeUpGeek so I definitely want to look into more. However, it is quite a pricey brand, with prices on the rise. I feel more tempted to get colourpop because of prices but MakeUpGeek really is a beautiful brand.

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