Thursday, 29 June 2017

innisfree sea salt perfect cleanser

The innisfree sea salt perfect cleanser sounds so promising that I was all for trying it and I might have tried it in more ways than one! (Read on for a rather interesting story)

The packaging is clean and you squeeze out the white product from the tube and it is easy to use. The actual product is a white cream with salt bits in it and because I simply had to know, I licked it and it tastes salty and awful - don't do it!

The salt granules are so big and rough. It isn't consistent throughout so you get bits of big salt that feels quite rough on the skin. The scent of it is actually really fresh and lovely, which makes me want to love this but I really just don't.

It foams up really well but does not feel drying on the skin. I do find it excellent on my chest and back so I have been using it for those areas rather than my face and I like it for that.

Since I can't use it for my face because it feels too abrasive, I cannot rate this but since I am able to utilise it, I am quite happy. Would I recommend it? No, there are other cleansers out there that are better.

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