Thursday, 16 March 2017

beauty blender blendercleanser solid

The beauty blender blendercleanser solid claims to be the ultimate makeup sponge and brush cleanser and truth be told, it is really good.

The beauty blender blendercleanser solid comes with a silicone scrubber which is quite cute. It almost looks like there's a butterfly design on it and it helps the brushes and sponges get cleaner. Be careful not to scrub too much because it might damage your sponge.

Now the pink scrubber fits in nicely in the tub which makes it ideal for travelling. When you flip it over, there are ridges which means that it dries easily and nicely. In fact, it dries quickly too.

The beauty blender blendercleanser solid comes with an embossing on the actual solid cleanser. The formula is not drying on brushes which is excellent.

To use this, I wet my brushes and then swirl it on the solid bar. After I have enough soap suds, I swirl it on the pink scrubber to remove as much product as I can and then I rinse it clean. With sponges I tend to have to repeat the steps. With eye brushes the one step usually cleans the brushes and return them to pristine condition but with foundation or base brushes, I usually have to repeat the cleansing.

I tend to rinse the whole packaging when I'm done swirling my brushes and pour out the excess water and leave it to air dry before packing it away. This is handy for travelling and easy to bring along anywhere. I picked it up after trying a deluxe sample but the full size is even better because it comes in a sturdy packaging and a pink scrubber to help cleansing.

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