Thursday, 26 January 2017

Loshi Horse Oil Moisture Hair Cream

Loshi Horse Oil Moisture Hair Cream was only picked up by me because I trust the brand Loshi as a Japanese brand.

This is a hair cream that is not very thick, rather it feels like a soft cream, not quite liquidy but not a thick balm. It dispenses easily from the packaging which is handy because I hate it when things are in a tube but you just cannot squeeze it out properly.

The product actually contains actual horse oil, which is intriguing and disturbing at the same time. It just seems like it is horse fat that they have added into the formula. Don't fret about that though, it smells quite fresh and floral, and when applied to the hair, sinks in quite quickly.

This might be the first hair cream that I do not dislike but rather enjoy. It does not weigh the hair down but just leaves it less frizzy.

If you are vegan or do not use animal product at all, this is obviously not one for you but if you are not, and if you are looking for something to nourish the hair and help fight frizz, check this out!

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