Sunday, 4 December 2016

Melvita Haul

I have gone to Melvita a few times and I have tried some of the items while I was in UK, ordering from Feel Unique and Look Fantastic, but it has taken me more than a year to commit to actually purchasing items in Malaysia.

First up, we have 2 samples. One thing about Melvita is that they are quite general with samples. The last time I went I did not purchase anything and the lady gave me a whole bunch of Argan Oil to sample!

The Melvita Nectar De Roses Hydrating Day Cream is really lovely. I tried the sample in store and really liked the texture of it. The scent is also lovely (coming from someone who is not a fan of rose scents, that says a lot!) It is targeted towards dry skin.

The Melvita Nectar De Roses BB Cream has SPF15 and does not come in many shades. I tried this on and the colour was off so I was not able to try it properly. However, the scent is nice. I would recommend trying it in store before committing!

The shade looks neutral on my skin when swatched

A little goes a long way when blended out because it is quite a watery texture.

Here I am without any makeup whatsoever.

A closer look at the skin so that you can properly compare the look with and without the Melvita BB creme.

Here the Melvita BB Creme has been applied and my skin is ever so slightly grey cast.

 I think that my base needs to have more warmth than what was provided in this Melvita BB Creme.

When the rest of my makeup is done it is not too bad because I have warmed the BB Creme up. However I will not be purchasing the product since there are other bases which suit me better.

Onto the actual things I purchased, I made 3 purchases and joined the loyalty programme, which I will talk about in more detail below.

Melvita has a few different shampoos but I picked up this Grapefruit & Honey one which is for Frequent Wash Shampoo on the lady's recommendation and I am so glad I picked this one up! It does not lather too much but still has some bubbles and the texture is actually quite jelly-ish. It does not irritate my scalp at all and I am already looking at stocking up on this! That is how much I like it.

Now for the real reason I went in to Melvita in the first place. The Argan oil smells funky. I am sorry, but if you have never tried Argan oil and you want to, be prepared for this weird smell. However, personally, when I use it in the evenings after cleansing, no serum and just a moisturiser on top, my skin is so soft and happy the next day. Sometimes stripping back helps the skin as well.

Now I think I did not spend enough to automatically qualify for the membership, which gives me a discount on the shop, I picked up the Melvita Whitening toothpaste. This is meant to be really good for your health and does not contain all the nasties and so far I really like it! It does not leave a residue and has no strong mint taste so in the morning you can drink orange juice straight after brushing your teeth if so desired!

I was given this cute little envelope which contained my receipt, 2 coupons and the details on the membership benefits!

So the more your spend, the more you get (DUH) but it's important to know that Melvita rewards you whenever you shop and do not take a bag. You can just use your own bag and they will give you extra points! They also did not give a card because it now goes by your NRIC or phone number, in an attempt to be more green and produce less waste.

The two coupons included are as above. I already know I want another Argan Oil because my skin loves it and I want to pick up some more shampoo and will probably try something else because so far, I have been very impressed with everything I have tried in Melvita!

What are your experiences with the brand?

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