Friday, 11 November 2016

Sigma Brush Mat

This was a purchase long time coming, but I just was not sure about the price point but finally I found it cheaper at compared to and took the plunge!

First up let's start with the fact that the back has 6 suction cups. This actually helps the mat stay really secure once it is on. I tend to wet the back of the mat (or just the whole thing) plop it by the sink and press it down so that the suction cups stick on to the porcelain sink!
(If this sounds complicated, there are pictures to follow)

The front bit actually has 7 different types of textures and the bigger ribs are obviously suitable for face brushes. The eye brushes tend to be cleaned better when the smaller and finer ribbed texture bit are used instead.

Here is how I use it by the sink and this is already with the suction cups all pressed down. I either squeeze some shampoo onto the mat and starts swirling my brushes around or I use a solid beautyblender cleanser by swirling my brush on that for a bit before swirling it on the ribbed textures to really clean the brush.

The mat is really not very big and can be rolled up but if you want to pack it along for travelling this actually is easier to pack flat. It is easy to clean (just wash with soap and water) and either hang dry or lay it to dry or just pat it dry and you can chuck it in the bag to go! I have not actually travelled with this but because I keep it after each time I use it, I really don't see any trouble in that department.

I am so happy that I have bought this Sigma Brush Mat and I highly recommend it. I have never been one to hate brush cleaning but this has made everything faster, more efficient and no more pruney hands! WIN!

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