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Physicians Formula Get Glowing & Be Picture Perfect

It's less than a month to Christmas, are you ready for the jolliest season of the year?

I am personally extra biased towards December because not only is it Christmas, it is my sister's birthday on boxing day, and right at the beginning of December, it is my birthday!
If you have not entered my birthday makeup/skincare giveaway, go do it now as it is ending!

Let's get back to business and Physicians Formula is launching their Christmas exclusives this month, in time for your Christmas (and New Year) parties!

I was lucky to be invited to the launch party and this being my first blogger event, I tried to take as many photos for you as physically possible and connected with some local bloggers.

Now if any of you are not familiar with Physicians Formula, it is an American brand which launched in Malaysia exclusively in Watsons. The brand promises to be Hypoallergenic, Dermatologist Tested, Developed for Sensitive Skin, Safe for sensitive eyes & contact lens wearers and to be created without any of the 132+ known harsh ingredients found in makeup!

Those are big claims by the company! As a contact lens wearer, I can attest to the fact that the eyeshadows have hardly any fall out (I will go into detail later) and definitely did not irritate my eyes!

Now Physicians Formula offers everything from foundation, concealer, eyeshadow, kohl eyeliner, liquid eyeliner, mascara, blusher, highlighter to lip products. Essentially, you can do a whole face of makeup with everything they offer.

I have an extra soft spot for this shimmering pink blusher because the hearts embossing on the product is just so beautiful and when you swirl your brush in it, the embossing does not immediately disappear and the different colours just blend nicely together to give you a shimmering pink blusher. You could skip the highlighter with this product but if you are going for a party, I suggest you amp up the makeup with a highlighter and Physicians Formula has launched a new shade just in time for Christmas.

During the event, we were treated to a session with Jil Young and she brought two volunteers to demonstrate the products.

First up is Janice with the Physician Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enchancing Extreme Shimmer Shadow & Liner in Smoky

Here are some swatched I did at the event but if you want to see it in natural light, scroll to the end of the post!

Here is LiYaNa demonstrating the Physician Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enchancing Extreme Shimmer Shadow & Liner in Nude.

To celebrate the shimmer and glitter, we were also invited to do some little handicraft as a souvenir to take home.

Mine was an epic failure so I photographed this one by Yee Ling instead!

I received some products during the event so obviously I have to swatch them and try them out for you!

If you are a matte lover, you will not like this, but I encourage you to give it a shot because I tend to stay with really matte eyeshadows and it was a nice change to wear some shimmer and it really brightened up my whole face by lifting my eye area.

The Physician Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enchancing Extreme Shimmer Shadow & Liner in Smoky has a really sparkly sponge-tip applicator. It was described as a professional blending sponge but personally I do not use these applicators apart from using them to swatch so I tend to stick to using eye brushes. Eye brushes are easier and I feel that the sponge tip applicator is useful if you forgot to bring brushes but I would not recommend using only this for your entire smoky look!

The Physician Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enchancing Extreme Shimmer Shadow & Liner in Smoky comes with 6 eyeshadows but the 2 darker shades are smaller in size because we tend to use less of the darker shades (typically for lining the eyes).

Here I have swatched the eyeshadows
Top : dry swatch
Bottom : damp swatch (for a more intense look)

The eyeshadows are usable wet or dry. When the company describes it as wet, just damped your brush (or sponge tip) before you go in for it. There is no need to wet the whole palette!

The retail price is RM63.50

If you think that powder eyeshadow is too difficult or there are too many shades and you feel daunted, Physicans Formula is also offering gel cream shadow and liners!

The Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Extreme Shimmer Gel Cream Shadow & Liner Trio comes in the shade nude. There are three shades, a champagne shade, a nude and mocha. It is easier to use a finger than a brush with this eyeshadow pot. Your finger warms the product up and then you can just apply directly and pat it to blend. Never rub your eyelids!

The shades are not super pigmented or dark but they are beautifully shimmery. The darkest shade Mocha, is most obvious with the lack of pigmentation so if you are looking for a rich dark shade, this is not it. What it offers is more of a wash of chocolate, which makes it easier to not mess up.

The Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Extreme Shimmer Gel Cream Shadow & Liner Trio are so shimmering and glittery that I personally would not double them up as a face highlighter unless I was doing stage makeup.

They are very beautiful on the eyes and I had no issue with fall out as I was applying the eyeshadows on.  Here is the nude shade on its own.

I layered them up for an extremely glittery look and when I was home after about 6 hours, there was very slight shimmer and glitter on my cheeks. I did not use a primer with these so if you need them to last even longer, I would recommend using these with an eyeshadow primer. Here I layered the shade mocha to intensify the shimmer!

The retail price for the Physicians Formula Shimmer Strips Custom Eye Enhancing Extreme Shimmer Gel Cream Shadow & Liner Trio is RM63.50

Now I have saved my favourite product from the launch for the last and it is this gorgeous Physicians Formula Powder Palette Mineral Glow Pearls in Beige Pearl.

There is already an existing shade in Light Bronze Pearl. The shade Beige Pearl is stated to be suited to Medium skintones but I am a Mac NC25 and it was a really beautiful highlighter on me. Light Bronze Pearl is darker when swatched. However, Beige Pearl is not the most appealing of names. WHY BEIGE Physicians Formula? It sounds so... boring.

A brush is included in this compact (as it is in their blushers as well) and while it is not the softest, most luxurious brush, it does the job and is easy to sweep the highlighter on the cheekbones and lightly dusted on the face.

The brush is housed in a lower compartment which has a mirror for easy application and touch ups.

Here is a swatch of the highlighter and as you can see it is a gorgeous golden shade leaning slightly champagne. 

On the left is a finger swatch and on the right is a swatch with the brush. Unless worn as an eyeshadow, people generally will not use that intense a swatch on their cheeks. I have worn this out and built it up to a megawatt highlighter, the way I enjoy it.

The entire range of the Christmas Collection which has the theme of "Get Glowing and Be Picture Perfect" is set to be launched this month (November 2016) so keep your eyes out for the set up and make sure you get them for some shimmering goodness!

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