Friday, 18 November 2016

Lotions and potions

Some days I wander into Watsons and find myself coming out with a bag of things I don't really need but want. I don't know why I still wander into drugstores.

However, I did run out of the Veet wax strips so I picked up another box. I actually quite enjoy waxing my legs. I am someone who believes that you should love yourself no matter what. My sister hates it when people wax or shave. It is her opinion that hair is beautiful. I don't mind myself with hairy legs or hairless legs so I actually let my hair grow and when I feel like it, I wax it off. Too Much Information? Sorry! Hopefully we are all friends and you actually like to know these sort of things.

Veet is just a tried and trusted brand for wax strips and I love this so a repurchase was not surprising.

I finally caved after months of looking at sunscreen in cans. I picked up this one from Biore because it is quite a standard drugstore brand in Japan and so I decided to try it out. It does say not to spray directly on the face, which is why it somewhat put me off because the whole reason I want a spray sunscreen is to spray my face before I go out for lunch! It does say to spray on hands and pat it on the face so as to not disrupt the makeup. I still spray it on my face, I just don't breathe it in and close my eyes!

This is a new lotion from Nivea and this one is meant to be in the Relaxing Lavender scent. I like how it smells and because the packaging says oil in lotion, I believe it to be nourishing. This will not replace any body butters but on a cooling night after a long shower, I like to pamper my skin and this is rather lovely. It does contain mineral oil so if you have problems with that, stay away! If your skin is naturally dry, I would also not use anything with mineral oil. I have really normal skin so I don't really care too much about my body lotions. Whoops.

I know I have picked up some Colgate Optic White toothpastes before and while it was not life changing, the packaging sucked me in for a second try. It was also on discount and so I decided to give it another go.

The actual product is blue and when you finish brushing your teeth, you will be spitting blue foam and you will probably need to clean your sink because there will be blue bits everywhere. EVERYWHERE. I am hoping that this gives me whiter, brighter teeth at the end of the tube.

So a rather little haul, but a very satisfying one!

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