Monday, 28 November 2016

dermalogica clearing mattifier

I was somewhat coerced into buying this dermalogica clearing mattifier. I say somewhat because I did think I needed it so I agreed to it but I did feel put on a spot, as you do, when you go and get a facial.

Apart from my rant about how people at facials always try to sell you products, the product is actually good. The packaging is hygienic. In a squeezy tube, you dispense the amount you need and the rest is kept inside the packaging so it is not contaminated.

The actual product is somewhat translucent. It is silicone heavy so it feels that way too. The product also has salicylic acid which helps with oilier skin types but my dermatologists cautioned against over usage as it would stimulate even more oil as the product dries it out. There is always too much of a good thing!

Since the product is colourless you can't see it once it is on but the skin instantly feels smoother and when I have used it I have noticed longer oil control in the areas.

If you have oilier skin and need help controlling the oil but prefer something that is more of a skincare than a straight up makeup primer such as the Make Up For Ever Step 1 Mattifying Primer (which is an excellent product), this is the product for you.

I see a massive difference when I use this product compared to when I don't and a little goes a long way. Do not go overboard as it will cause your skin to react overboard and produce even more oil to compensate. You have been warned!

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