Tuesday, 29 November 2016

All About Lips #132 - Kat Von D Ever Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Nosferatu

Today, we bring another shade of the Kat Von D Ever Lasting Liquid Lipstick to test and this is the shade Nosferatu. 

I actually did not know but Nosferatu is a famous vampire and it has been made into a film. Having been told this, a lot of things fell into place, such as why this shade is such a dark bloody red.

When swatched, this really looks like dried blood. The colour is a little patchy but I was so enamoured with the shade that I tried to make it work.

Here I have actually tried to layer the product to mask the patchiness and I think the red is really something else. I have not come across a colour like that.

Like most liquid lipsticks, the colour is darker once applied on the lips than in the tube. It sort of oxidises when it dries down to a matte finish.

Here is an extreme close up in the light to show you the patchiness. It is not obvious when you layer and when someone is not staring right at your lips.

However, I know it is patchy and that the patchiness clings on to all the lines on my lips and it made me pretty self-conscious. Not a feeling you want to have when you are trying to rock a bold lip!

I think this is a really unique shade and for that I am still tempted to get myself the colour (this belongs to Bob) but I don't know if I ought to be spending RM90 on something so patchy.

If you really love the shade, wearing it to night events or dinner or theatre will be fine because in the shadow (such as this picture) you really cannot see the patchiness and it really looks rather fine. In my mind though, I should not be dealing with the patchiness so maybe not this time Kat Von D, sorry!

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