Friday, 30 September 2016

Empties #29

Another month, another empties, I actually decided against using the biggest pile as the picture and went with the smallest pile just for a change!

First up, are these Aromatherapy Associates Shampoo & Conditioner with Rosemary + Ylang Ylang. They smell incredible, I really enjoyed using these and no itch to my scalp from the shampoo! The conditioner was slightly light for my hair but would be more suitable for most.

I also finished up this Concoction conditioner with Cashmere +White Lily. It smells SO good. I don't know what Cashmere smells like but if it's this, I want to wear it all the time! If you don't mind silicones in your conditioner, I am constantly changing my mind about them, you might enjoy this conditioner. This is a repurchase for me but I don't think I will be purchasing again because it is not easily available where I am now.

Moving on to bodycare items!

I used up this Calmia Silky Smooth Foot Pack and a full review is coming up. I did buy it more for the novelty and fun of it and I will not be repurchasing because I don't think it made a big difference.

This M Boutique Shower Gel is in the Verbena Fresh scent and it is really nice! I love really refreshing shower gels to wake me up in the morning. Absolutely lovely!

This Baby Naturals by Watsons Calendula Massage Oil is quite thick and it smells really baby-ish. I finished it up but don't think I will be repurchasing because I prefer something a little more fluid.

The Sheraton Body Lotion is beautifully scented and really liquidy. I prefer something thicker for body lotions but as this is a after-gym lotion for me, it actually works really well!

Makeup time! Surprisingly I have a few products this month.

First up are these mascaras. From top to bottom : L'oreal Butterfly Effect Waterproof Mascara, Heroine Make Long and Curl Waterproof Mascara, Too Faced Better Than Sex Waterproof Mascara.

The L'oreal I hate with a passion and think it was really a waste of my money. It did nothing to keep my lashes curled despite being waterpoof, it smudges and it's just a disaster.

The Heroine Make is my new favourite mascara and I have one more tube. It is better than the Catrice which I raved about but it is more expensive too! I have another tube of this but rest assured I will be stocking up!

The Too Faced is so disappointing. Not only does it smudge, it also flakes off. For something nearer to RM100, I expected it to just stay on. Grrrr.

The YSL oil in tint has been with me for ages and it is starting to look quite manky and I thought it is probably time to say goodbye. I did enjoy this but the scent can sometimes be really overwhelming!

Now obviously the biggest pile is skincare again but can we see that most things are tiny!

From the innisfree Jeju volcanic range, we have the cleansing foam and the toner.

innisfree jeju volcanic foaming cleanser - this has little scrubby particles which I do not feel actually did anything. It is targeted at oilier skin and so when I use this I feel like it was quite stripping on my skin so I tend to use it in the evenings when I have already used a cleansing oil and then will be piling my face with oils. I will not be repurchasing because I think it's too much for my skin.

innisfree jeju volcanic toner - I like this and I will buy the full size. It is scented but does not bother my skin!

The innisfree aloe revital skin mist is something I already have in full size but this dinky one I am keeping for refills because it's so cute! I love this and will probably buy the full size again when I am done with it.

As a morning cleanse, this Clarins Extra-Comfort Anti-Pollution Cleansing Cream is lovely even for someone who does not like cleansing creams. Very gentle and effective, I love this for morning cleanse but not so much anything else.

I have finally finished up this innisfree juicy apple cleansing oil and I will not be repurchasing because it is too scented. It also does not remove eye makeup completely so I think it's a bit of a faff. 

innisfree juicy apple cleansing oil - not a fan, the scent was really nice initially but feels really overwhelming after a while. It does not remove waterproof eye makeup properly so I already feel like it is a let down.

innisfree juicy apple eye and lip makeup remover - this removes waterproof eye makeup effortlessly and I like how dinky the packaging is so I am actually keeping this for travelling. I would consider purchasing the full size of this.

innisfree juicy apple foaming cleanser - this was nice but I am not the biggest fan of foaming cleansers. This was somewhat gentle and my skin did not feel stripped. The scent of this is also very much parred down so I actually quite enjoyed this.

caudalie organic grape water - a classic for me, I love this, I still have a few and so I will continue to use this. LOVE.

I actually really loved this Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Melting Cleanser 3 in 1 Cleansing Gelee because it was something really different. I don't need too much and use it both for morning and evening cleanse. However I have to admit that since it is hard to get in Malaysia, I don't think I will be repurchasing.

This Hada Labo Hydrating Light Cream is actually really lovely to use! It is light and sinks in quickly without making my skin oily. Makeup also goes on nicely. I know that the full size comes in a jar which is not my favourite but I might purchase it when I run out of my current moisturiser.

Finally we have the random pile!

caudalie divine candle - I think this might be my favourite candle and I just love it to bits. I really took my time finishing it up and I want to pick another up because it smells so luxurious and spa-like, I love the divine range and this candle is simply incredible.

Bath & Body Works Brazillian Blue waters - This was really fresh and I enjoyed having it for the bathroom to smell extra fresh. The Bath & Body Works candles come in all sorts of scents and I have a few more to go through!

I typically love children's toothbrushes but this Oral B one I misjudged and it is really tiny and I found it difficult to wield!

The Boots Total Care Toothpaste is a travel sized one and I like it! It is minty without being too zingy. I have another 2 tubes of this and I have already pop another one into my travel bag!

The Kiko Cleansing Pure Clean Wipes is decent. I bought it mainly because it is smaller than most cleansing wipes which meant I could put it in my handbag without weighing down the bag much at all!

I realise that I could put this in the makeup pile... However, I have had to chuck this Fleur de Force x Eylure Fleur Loves Lashes because I reused it so many times that it has just gone out of shape and is really not reusable anymore. *cries* I will be repurchasing because even though I didn't think I would like them initially I have really enjoyed this particular pair!

Final product is this Ecotools brush which again probably could go into the makeup pile. I liked this and used it to death, literally. I used it so much that the bristles are starting to fall off. I think that this is really because of how much I used it and perhaps I was not the most careful when washing. I have purchased another buffing brush to try but I still like this ecotools one more than the innisfree one I purchased to replace it so I know I will repurchase this!

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