Friday, 2 September 2016

Empties #28

If you thought this was all my empties this month, you thought wrong. These are my miscellaneous items that are now done.

Starting off with the Rohto Aqua Eye Drops. These have no sting/refreshing properties and I don't like it as much. It is past the 1 month opening so I am saying goodbye. I have repurchased the refreshing version because this is really boring.

The Carex Aloe Vera Refreshing Hand Gel is easily picked up in the UK. I like the aloe vera one because I tell myself it will be more hydrating for my hands. It worked well while it lasted and is a generic scent which smells more like alcohol than anything else and is gender neutral. I have so many different hand sanitising gels so I will not be repurchasing this but I do highly recommend this one for a safe and cheap option.

The Watsons Shining White Mint Toothpaste works a treat and is a nice change from the usual toothpastes. I get bored using the same one so I like to switch things about and this works well but I can't vouch for any whitening properties. 

I have actually gone through a whole box of these Tears Naturale Free Lubricant Eye Drops and I love that they come in reclosable vials and you can just chuck them afterwards. I tend to keep mine for 24 hours and then use a new one afterwards if I need one.

The haircare pile is pretty decent this month. I have finally used up quite a few bits and pieces and can free up some space in my cabinet.

First up the Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oatmilk. This smells and is really gentle. It does leave a slight white cast but is easily brushed out. It soaks up any excess oil without drying the hair out. I sometimes use it to style my hair, a.k.a. using it as if I am using a hairspray and it works a treat. I still have a bottle of this. Whoop!

The Ojon full detox shampoo is really gentle for a deep cleansing shampoo. It is only recommended to be used every fortnight and I like that it really removes all impurities but my scalp never feels tight after. This comes recommended.

Douglas Hair Protein Repair Masque Sachet is a nice way to try out a product before investing and I thought I would just try it out and I am glad that I only picked up a sachet because this is so heavy on silicones. It does not smell the greatest but the scent reminds me of the Sephora own skincare scent. It is alright but nothing inspiring.

Next is the Sheraton Shampoo which I have used a lot of and typically I have it in my gym bag and reuse the little tube until it is completely done and then I throw the tube away at the gym itself. Now the shampoo smells refreshing and pampering but contains SLS and I try not to use it everyday.

The Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Shampoo and Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Conditioner is pretty dreamy to use. I really like them but wish that the conditioner is bigger because I go through conditioner really quickly and always have plenty of shampoo left when the conditioner is all gone. I like Peter Thomas Roth as a good and reliable brand.

I hardly had any body products this month but here they are!

The L'occitane Magical Leaves Body Milk is really light and watery. It smells so fresh and I remember loving the body scrub that came with this in a set. I must say I have realised that as a person I just prefer thicker body balms and betters rather than really light, watery textures for body hydrators and moisturisers.  I did finish this up but I think it is the last time I am getting anything that is a body milk.

The inhibitif hair free intimate care is a gel texture and it is supposed to slow down hair growth and provide hydration. I have to say that I think that it works. The comparison is obviously a period of time using it and a period of time without using it. I have a back up tube and I am glad that I have the back up to use.

This Boots Smooth Care Bikini & Underarm Hair Removal Cream & Moisturising Finishing Cream does the job but I will not repurchase. The Step 1 is the Hair Removal Cream and the Step 2 is the Moisturising Finishing Cream but it is packed with mineral oil and I just feel like I could use any other moisturisers that will do the job.

On the make up front, I only have these two items.

The Benefit the Porefessional Agent Zero Shine Shine-Vanishing Pro Powder is so well used that I actually broke the cap and had to pour it in my hand the last few weeks. There is a built-in brush and it is a really handy loose powder. I still find it messy and think I will stick to pressed powder from now on. It is also really hard to repack the brush after usage. Sorry Benefit.

The Heroine Make Heavy Rotation Eyeliner is one of the best I have used. Not only is it intensely black, it is waterproof, swim-proof and sauna-proof. Mine has frayed and is starting to dry out because I use it everyday but at under RM50, this is more drugstore pricing and I have back ups, or I will be out at the shops repurchasing this for sure.

Leaving the skincare for the last because it is such a massive pile.

I have used up two sheet masks this month and the innisfree bija mask is for oilier skin and I used it when I was too lazy to do a proper routine and it kept my skin hydrated without the need for going through all the steps.  The innisfree aloe mask is just a staple easy mask to use whenever. I think I prefer the cucumber one but it is decent. I don't mind these and would repurchase because at RM4 a pop, they really don't break the bank.

The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Pore Toner works in that it does mattify the skin. I only use it in the day time and the red smudge you can see is some residue from the toner.  I am planning to try other brands such as innisfree for the toner and hopefully do a comparison.

I don't like cleansing creams, preferring cleansing oils and cleansing balms but this Time Bomb Take Off Time Cleansing Cream is surprisingly nice. I use it for a second cleanse in the evening and there are slight scrub bits in this and it is actually lovely. I love this and am considering repurchasing this.

I have finally finished the Senka Toner + Moisturiser and this is basically a moisturiser which is powerful like a serum. I don't like this because I find that it smells really strongly of alcohol and I just worry about putting it on my face. I do like the bottle because it is secure and small so I am keeping it for decanting but the Senka range does not really work for me.

Tarte Maracuja Oil is a small sachet that I managed to get about 5 uses out of and so a little really goes a long way. It is not scented and smells like oil really. My skin did not react badly to this and I do have a small bottle of this to have a proper try out but I think this is a nice facial oil.

I decided to use this innisfree jeju volcanic pore cleansing foam and it is actually a cream but it foams up upon contact with water. There are tiny scrub particles but I didn't find that there is enough to actually make any difference of scrub or exfoliation. The first time I tried it my skin felt really fresh but when I tried it again the next day, my face actually felt slightly tight. So I think that this is probably more suitable for people who have oilier skin that my normal-combination skin.

The innisfree aloe revital sleeping pack is nice and I am considering purchasing the tub. I think that it is just a really moisturising night gel-cream and it does not over-hydrate. I think that it is really compatible with my skin and would work well as a night cream.

The Codage Radiance & Energy Serum smells really clean and fresh and is completely gone. I have another one to use up. I don't think I will look for a full size to purchase but it does provide hydration to the skin. It just was not anything really special.

The Bioré Aqua Rich Water BB Sunscreen is not my favourite. I prefer the Essence and I have compared the two HERE. I will not repurchase this because it is more expensive and I don't like the tint it provides.

I didn't think I loved the fresh soy face cleanser but when I finished using it I really missed it and realised that it integrated really well into my skincare routine. I like it both for a morning cleanse and as a second cleanse in the evening. It is not a good make up remover (I have put it to the test).I think I will repurchase and soon!

This is the Somme Institute Transport and the pads in it were soaked with exfoliating toner which worked decently well. It was not life changing but I love the packaging and will be keeping it and making my own pre-soaked toner pads for travel.

The Nuxe Créme Prodigieuse Anti-Fatigue Moisturising Eye Cream is a really nice eye cream and I actually found that I love it. My friend Bob hates the smells of this Nuxe range, which is a shame as the product is really beautiful in my opinion. I may repurchase when I finish my stash of eye creams.

The innisfree orchid enriched cream is nice for the night because I find it too intense for the day time. When I wake up I can still feel a slight film of this on my face, telling me that this is still protecting my skin from the air-conditioning.
The innisfree orchid massage cream is like a cleansing cream and I had already said earlier that I don't really like cleansing creams and this one does not excite me.

The Clarins Blue Orchid Oil is used up and I actually had been refiling it with the Clarins Lotus Oil which targets oilier skin types and balances out the skin but this little bottle cap has cracked so it is really time to say goodbye to it. The Clarins Blue Orchid Oil is for dehydrated skin and it is really excellent.

I have finished up the natural bar face oil and let's just say that I went to Brunei recently and this was already stocked up. I love this so much, from the texture to the scent to the way it makes my skin feel. If I am travelling and don't pack a serum, I use a drop of this in the day time before my moisturiser. Yes, that's how much I love it!

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