Friday, 9 September 2016

Be Good To Coffee Cafe Body Scrub

I love the brand Be Good To, partly because it is local, partly because it delivers, partly because it is handmade and homemade. I just love it. Check out my previous review HERE.

So the ingredients in this are : Sugar, almond oil, essential oils.

When you open up the jar, the smell is incredible (that is if you love the smell of coffee). If you don't love coffee, there are other options such as Mojito (I really wanted that) and Afternoon Tea. Options!

The scrub is a good granular one and because it is housed in a jar, I have to scoop it out and after a few uses with wet hands, the bottom of the jar has water and the sugar has melted a bit there. Erm... not too lovely.

I will say though that when I was using this, my legs were covered in a light brown colour which was so flattering and a tan which I would love! I was then thinking that it would be perfect to be able to use a scrub that left a tan this colour and when I washed off the scrub, a little of the colour stayed! Imagine my delight!

However, this quickly dissipated because I realise that while dabbing dry, my towel was slowly picking up brown bits and if I rubbed my skin, I get splotchy patches of white and tan/brown. LOVELY.

I think this is a problem you will not get with the other Be Good To scrubs because they are of lighter colours. Do I recommend this scrub? I love it and I will be trying out the other scents but yes, a definite yes.

PS. I am running a Be Good To giveaway in conjunction with Be Good To on my instagram later in September so head over to @cherriessballet

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