Friday, 26 August 2016

The Body Shop mini haul

I could not stay away from The Body Shop and I realised that they have now changed their packaging! So let us deal with that particular aspect first!

The new packaging for The Body Shop Vitamin E Spritz, which when put next to the older one (I have ripped the label off my old one) and you can see that the size is the same, the pink colour is the same, it literally is just a change of the top bit and Walah! You have brand new packaging, very smart on their part and the truth is that, it looks more sleek and chic now. The actual nozzle is excellent and I love this and keep the bottles afterwards to decant other liquids with bad nozzles into.

Next thing I picked up was this The Body Shop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence.

Boasting a SPF50 PA++++ protection, this is an essence and I was curious as to how it would feel and it is crazy lightweight. It does contain Red Algae Extract from the North Atlantic and Vitamin C.

Labelled as an essence, that is already the biggest giveaway of the texture. It is really lightweight! It absorbs really quickly and I try to use an adequate amount for my whole face because it is tempting to use a little and just think that it is enough SPF coverage!

It is really hard to capture in still photos but I really recommend you to go and try it in store. It is fragranced and smells really lovely, but please check it out in store if you have sensitive skin or generally react to fragrances.

Now the claims are rather bold as The Body Shop claims this to not only have UVA and UVB protection, but to be anti-oxidant, anti-dullness, and upon use, skin feels smooth, supple and replumped with moisture and after 4 weeks, skin appears brighter, more refined and skin tone appears more even!

It also has an alcohol scent once your nose is used to the gentle, floral fragrance initially. That wears off really quickly but probably is the reason why the sunscreen is so lightweight.

Overall, I have been really happy with The Body Shop Vitamin E Spray but I knew I would be because it is clearly a repurchase. I am delighted with The Body Shop Skin Defence and it is simply one of the better sunscreens I have tried and I know that I will be repurchasing.

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