Sunday, 28 August 2016

Innisfree Orchid Trial Kit

I was kindly given this innisfree orchid special kit, either upon joining the innisfree loyalty programme, or upon spending an amount of money after joining. I can't quite remember, sorry!

The box has the innisfree logo and is quite a small, lovely gift. It is not a box that you can reuse because it is quiet soft but it is recyclable!

So there are three pieces in this innisfree orchid special kit which include, from the right: the innisfree orchid massagr cream, innisfree eye cream, innisfree orchid enriched cream.

This smells really nice, it is very fragranced. Eye cream is lightweight and does not feel too heavy or too much. The massage cream I use as a second cleanse in the evening. I prefer balms than creams so this is not my favourite but it is alright. It smells really nice (I already said that, I know but it really does!)

The innisfree orchid enriched cream is quite substantial and too rich for me to use in the morning, I reserve it for the evenings and I do find that it really nourishes and when I wake up in the morning, I can still feel a layer of it on my face. It does not make me break out, but I have to wash it off in the morning, which I do anyway.

So this innisfree orchid special kit has been a really nice way to try the range out. I am quite intrigued to try more of their skincare out but I will probably be checking that the rest are not as fragranced. Are you a fan of the innisfree skincare?

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