Friday, 8 July 2016

Sephora has finally sorted the issue!

I think it is only fair if I complain about a brand/a shop or anything as such, that if the issue is resolved, I have to address it. This is what today's blog post all about. If you are wondering about the original post, basically I did a Sephora order (read HERE) but my sample was missing and the whole customer service fiasco you can read HERE.

Well that was a long blog post but I picked up a bunch of things on sale but let's address the Sephora own skincare offering. I picked up two make up removers and have my first impressions already.

This Sephora Supreme Cleansing Oil was on 30% and I thought I could use YET another cleansing oil and picked it up. Sadly, the first ingredient is mineral oil, which I could have easily checked out but failed to. 

It smells typically of Sephora skincare which really bothered me in the micellar water but it is less so in this Sephora Supreme Cleansing Oil. It actually feels really lightweight and although the instructions say to rinse off, I use a wet face towel.

This was the only non sale item which I picked up and it is actually newly formulated. I tested it against my all time favourite/holy grail Lancome Bi-facil and this one so far is a REAL contender! I think it might be slightly oilier but apart from that.... It takes waterproof mascara off like Whoosh!

For the final skincare product, I picked up this ARCONE Raspberry Clarifying Pads because it was on 20% off and I sort of need an acid toner. Now although the packaging is beautiful, it is not glass! It is just really nice plastic so it is not the most heavy.

The pads are packed to the brim and it has a little plastic bit to hold it but no other sealing, which I was slightly surprised about.  If you can see, the pads are textured which helps with the exfoliation part. The raspberry scent? It is not great sorry. It smells like cough medicine. I will report back when I use more of this and about the results.

The two makeup items I picked up are from the same brand - per-fekt! One is a lash perfection gel and one is a brow perfection gel.

The per-fekt lash perfection gel is in the colour flash (which is black) and the per-fekt brow perfection gel for dark brown to black hair is espresso.

First off, the actual packaging is really cute. I only picked up a small one of the per-fekt lash perfection gel because I was not even sure if it was a mascara or a night time lash nourishing gel. It is a mascara.

Let's talk about the per-fekt brow perfection gel in espresso. First off, the brush is huge. I have managed to smudge it on my right eyebrow 3 times now. So that is a little annoying. I wish the brush was smaller, I have rather thick eyebrows so imagine if you had smaller or finer eyebrows.

The colour is really good, not too warm and not too grey on me. That much is a win.

The per-fekt lash perfection gel is not my favourite sadly. I  tried it out after curling my lashes and my lashes instantly started to droop. It is packed full of nourishing oils and stuff which makes me want to apply it as my first mascara but the problem is that it does not hold a curl up so I really ought to be

I actually cannot decide if I like plastic wands or these kinds of big brushes because it helps fan out my lashes and actually looks really good (apart from the major droop). If you already have naturally curly hair, I think you will like this!

Now onto the samples, and the whole "solved" issue. Basically I chose one sample and emailed customer service once again (this is after the two blog posts went live by the way) and offered to have them rectify the issue by sending me any other sample. So the lady who had been emailing me the entire time added this Becca Ever-Matte Primer, I paid but was still really sceptical about the whole thing.

However, the samples are here and I am delighted. Althought I wanted the other sample, it was out of stock and I am happy to be able to try this Becca Ever-Matte Primer too. So there, problems solved. Thank you Sephora, it has been a really palaver but I am glad that this has been resolved because no one wants to have an issue with Sephora!

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