Sunday, 10 July 2016

Be Good To

An introduction to Be Good To  would beckon the ethos of the brand. The brand ethos is really about positivity and being good to ourselves (hence the name).
We spend so much time in the rush of life and not taking care of ourselves. So our products allow us to have a little time to pamper and take care of ourselves and all ingredients used are natural and without chemical.

"We only use essential oils to scent the products as essential oils have healing properties and we use very few ingredients so we know what goes into each product to avoid any allergies."

Personally I am so excited that there is a Malaysian brand that promotes wellbeing and I am happy to be able to support our local independent stores. I also think that the packaging and ethos mean that this can be gifted as it would make a lovely gift.

This is heavenly. I have it in my bathroom and I want it as a handsoap too so I really am considering picking another one up!

I love the names of the Soaps too, because we all need more confidence and injecting a little with this delicious smelling soap? Count me in!

If you love the smell of Lavender and find the scent soothing, you will love this. I really enjoy this when I shower in the evenings as the scent relaxes it. Don't worry, none of the soaps are drying!

This Lavender Dream Lotion Bar is exactly that, lavender and relaxing. I use it sparingly because it is like a bigger version of the This Works Sleep Balm. I like to rub it on my temples, behind my ears and on my wrists to smell it.

I am personally really heavy handed with lotions and so the tin lotion lasted 4 full applications - neck to feet. I gave one to Bob and she uses it more on spots and places that she needs the hydration and nourishment! This is the scent I gifted Bob and I kept smelling it off her and it smells really fresh but not overly sharp. SO AMAZING.

This I finished up in a jiffy and I already know I want more of these. Afternoon tea also smells citrusy and is very pleasant.

The tin is packed with the product which you can then scoop some out or just rub your finger in it to get a little product.

Once melted, it is like an oil but is not claggy or draggy on the skin. Bob mentioned that it is not as nourishing as The Natural Bar Body Butter but bear in mind, Bob has drier skin and I have normal skin so while she prefers The Natural Bar (available in Brunei), I prefer this!

For those of you interested in the brand, throughout the process all items i.e. plastic bags of sugars and cuttings of stickers are recycled. Customers can come back with empty bottles for recycling too!

I am really impressed by these so far and I am looking to explore the lip scrub and maybe the body scrub (but I always finish those so quickly that it becomes really pricey!) This gets a double thumbs up from me and I urge you to explore our local beauty business!

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