Friday, 8 April 2016

Grow Gorgeous Cleansing Conditioner

This is part of the Deciem group, which meant that I had pretty high hopes for it.

The product has a slight fragrance that somewhat smells floral and a little powdery. It is not my favourite scent, which puts me off slightly because I lover it when my hair smells gorgeous.

I have been trialing this and I must say that I prefer the HIF Intensive Detox Cleansing Conditioner.
This is not bad, but it does leave my scalp slightly itchy.  It is also not a foamy one so I feel like I end up using a lot more than I probably need.
I do not use it enough to see a drastic difference with growth, but when I do use it, the hair fall is SLIGHTLY less.

One thing I must say is that whenever I use this, my hair really is left super soft and silky even when I do not use any hair oil (something I NEVER GO WITHOUT!) but I usually have to wash my hair the very next day because it'll feel oily or itchy by then. So it is almost like a temporary measure which sort of works, but is temporary!

However in terms of repurchasing, I will be repurchasing the HIF Cleansing Conditioners instead. There are many and I have already repurchased the Intensive Detox and two others to try out actually. Watch out for those reviews!

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