Saturday, 12 September 2015

Not shopping.... not going well.

I had a £5 Space NK reward and I was leaving so I bought a few bits...
but I forgot to talk about these items, so I'm doing a collective post now with quick reviews. Some items already have their standalone posts and/or reviews and I shall link them if they are!

First up is the Life NK products
Life NK Jump Start Sugar Scrub
The scrub is a little hard to squeeze out from the tube, no major workout though.. and it scrubs clean with a very fresh scent.
So far the tube has burst on me from the top so I now keep the lid on while I squeeze it from the top. It is not my favourite scrub, does its job and I will not repurchase but since I picked it up at a sale price, I am not upset. I would recommend any of the Soap&Glory scrubs instead. This has been mentioned in my empties post as well.

Life NK Cocooning Body Lotion
This smells pleasant and is not super lightweight but since it is a lotion and not a body butter it is not heavy. I would use it in the evenings because of the rather relaxing scent.
These were both on sale.

The samples I chose this time was the R+Co Gemstone Colour Shampoo and Conditioner Sachets, as well as the Oskia Super 16 Pro-Collagen Super Serum
I have used the R+Co shampoo and conditioner up, it was exactly one usage. The smell is quite sophisticated, like salon-y rather than sickly sweet. I think I like it, but I feel like I did not try it enough to be super sure.

I also picked up some make up bits.

I have been eye-ing the Nudestix Highlight+Contour stick since before it launched in the UK and now I finally have it.

I am pretty chuffed that it comes with the tin as I have another Nudestix product (eyeshadow in Gilt) and now I can put it into the tin.
Here's the highlight and contour side by side.
The contour is a little too orange to be a contour, so I would use it as a bronze rather than contour. The highlight is a nice, but I use the contour/bronzer a lot more.
So far, this has been really creamy and it is so easy and lovely to blend, but the colour themselves are a little funny. I am going to wait and see if it looks better when I lose my summer tan but at the moment it is really orange.

I also picked up my first Becca item, which is the Becca Beach Tint in Watermelon.
I had a really hard time trying to decide which shade to get, and the shade I initially wanted Fig, appeared too nude and may not show up on me at all, and then I wanted Guava as that seemed perfect but was obviously out of stock.... So between Dragonfruit and Watermelon I had to decide and I went for Watermelon and I really like this shade!

It has a little squeezy style packaging which is handy and it really is dinky.
Read about it HERE (swatches and more pictures are available)

I also picked up this Laura Mercier Lip Plumper in Rose Flush as it was half priced and flagged up by Jane (BritishBeautyBlogger)and it seems to be a really pretty nude-y colour.
 I really like doe foot applicators, and prefer them over brush style glosses.

This is a really pretty colour and I really like it but I must say that it really is tingly. I don't like the tingly and not sure if I need any lip plumping. The shade however, is really pretty. I have featured it properly in an All About Lips post so read it HERE.

I need to stop shopping. HELP ME.

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