Saturday, 5 September 2015

Blue Eyeliner

I managed to pick this  Model Co Blue Eye Liner Pencil along with a copy of Glamour Magazine. This must have been back in June because I picked it up on the way to Brighton and enjoyed flipping through this magazine. I must admit, Glamour is my absolute favourite magazine and at £2 it does not break the bank. Any freebies are bonuses!
Model Co Blue Eye Liner Pencil - Blue 02

Now on to the Model Co eyeliner itself, this is not a twist up, rather it is an actual pencil that you will need to sharpen later on.

This is actually a really dark blue, more navy than cobalt, and I like how dark it is.

Here, I swatched it once (top), the second swatch is 3 strokes, and then 5 strokes and then 10 strokes to show how the eyeliner can be used to build up intensity.

Here I've actually included REALLY up close shots of the eyeliner in action. I did my actual cat/kitten flicks with a liquid black eyeliner (L'oreal SuperLiner) and then used the Model Co blue eye liner featured on this post along the lashes, both top and bottom.

I particularly love how it looks, the colour is beautiful, the pencil is not too hard to become scratchy, and it isn't too soft that it just smokes and goes everywhere.

However, personally, my 3 attempts wearing this, with primer, without primer, with a setting spray.. it just smudges after a few hours and I cannot recommend this product because of that. So unfortunately this is a no for me.
Have you fared better with this product? Let me know in the comments below if you have and I may give it another go.

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