Saturday, 22 August 2015

L'oreal SuperLiner vs Maybelline Master Precise

L'oreal and Maybelline are both owned by the same parent company and the L'oreal SuperLiner is similar to the Maybelline Master Precise.

The L'oreal is £1 more than the Maybelline.

In fact, the nibs are very similar as well. They are both not brushes, but rather felt-tip pen, making it easier to use, especially for any eyeliner newbies.

Top swatch : L'oreal SuperLiner - Black
Bottom swatch : Maybelline Master Precise - Forest Brown

The two liners are able to give equally thin and fine lines.

I also tried to show the thicker lines but the top (L'oreal) swatch is slightly ruined by the fact that the back of my hand is slightly damp/wet.

I have bought at least 4 L'oreal SuperLiner but this is the first time I have purchased the Maybelline Master Precise. At £1 cheaper, and because I prefer this Forest Brown colour which is still dark enough for a good kitten flick but the subtle difference is the softness of the brown (compared to stark black) means that Maybelline is the winner this time round!

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