Monday, 31 August 2015

August Favourites

I only have 3 favourites this month and you are already looking at one of them

I have come home to this silly face, and if you were wonderin, home = Malaysia.
 I have been studying in the UK for 5 years and am now back in Malaysia for work. I was really feeling all sorts of emotions and weird feelings but this little fella has made everything better, even though I have seen him for 1 week in August, he's made it into the monthly favourites.

Another thing that happened before I came home is that I went to Toni&Guy Academy near Bond Street Station because the haircut is about £11 but I pay £5 as a student and it is my last opportunity to do it. I have blogged about my previous experience HERE

Below are pictures of when I have had to style it myself, which is not too bad I think because sometimes hair just looks different when other people (the experts) style it and when you do it yourself.
The most obvious thing, apart from the major layering work at the back, is probably my fringe which I love so much. I did not expect to like it but there you go! So this haircut has made it into the favourites as well.

My final favourite is a bit of a cheat, and I think he is more than an August favourite.
This is my boyfriend Will who sometimes pop up in the blog or instagram and we are embarking on a long distance relationship, something no couple actively looks forward to (I think). He's made it into this month's favourite because he really has put up with a lot (including my moving in and then moving out), make up ALL OVER THE FLAT, taking me on a sight seeing holiday, and just really being awesome. I'm hard pressed to find a more patient man.

Speaking of which, if you would like to follow some of the travels, there is a button up top which says TRAVELS.

You may be wondering why no make up or skincare has made it into the monthly favourites and there is a simple explanation. I have been trying to finish up as much product as I can before moving home, hence the gigantic empties post this month and the extra empties post last month. Most make up has been the same as July's monthly favourites apart from the mascara which has gone.
I promise a proper monthly favourites filled with skincare and make up come the month of September.

Until then, thank you for reading this super long post!

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