Thursday, 6 August 2015

A Sun Hat?

Something a little different today, but hopefully it remains helpful...

SCALA Collezione Hat

This hat has a UPF50+ which means that it blocks out 97.5% of the sun UV rays.

It is actually really hard to capture the hat, so here it is when I have worn it to protect my hair and face

 As you can see, it is not reserved for the beach, I wore it around the city as well.

I would also like to think that it goes with various outfits, despite the lilac/lavender colour.

In a way, it almost makes the outfit look better? Yes? Maybe? I have no idea, but it protected my face and hair from the sun so I am keeping it on regardless.

Do you keep your tresses protected with a hat? Let me know how you protect your hair in the sun please!

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