Thursday, 23 July 2015

Why I use TWO bronzers

I will be honest,when I first purchased this Jouer mattifying powder bronzer in sunswept, I was worried about how warm it was. Read about the haul HERE.
This is really warm and orange to me.
but when the lady helped me put it on, I noticed that with a light hand, this actually suited me quite well. So why do I use two bronzers?

I like to use the Too Faced Chocolate Soleil Meium/Deep Matte Bronzer as well. Party because it smells really good (yes I know that everyone keeps saying this, but it is the truth!)
So here I have put them next to each other and it emphasises how orange the Jouer is compared to the Too Faced

I have realised that if I use the Jouer on all the bronze area (top of forehead, cheeks) and then go to the edge with the Too Faced, it makes a very realistic gradient which I like!

I did add blush and the one I used is Bobbi Brown (depotted) as I just watched a video where Ruth Crilly (A Model Recommends) states that she thinks it looks more natural and youthful, and I agree! 

So here is a good look at the cheeks area where you might be better able to see the blush
I use the Real Techniques sculpting brush which comes in a set (read it HERE) and then blend it out with my Bobbi Brown Bronzer Brush. After all that, I set it all with the Mac Fix + because I was watching a video by Tati (Glamlifeguru) and she loves it so I thought I would. It really made all the powder mesh together and look extra nice!

I hope this has been a helpful post and if you have more than one bronzer, it may be worth using a variation to achieve a more natural and believable bronze!

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