Saturday, 11 July 2015

Seche Vite - is it worth the hype?

I have featured Seche Vite in an empties post and in a haul post when I picked it up from Asos with a 20% student discount.

I have strayed and tried other top coats but nothing is a good as this.
It is a more gloopy formula but once applied it dries really quickly and it super shiny.

I once tried to use more product so that it would be more shiny and hard, but nail polish logic does not work that way. The only thing that came out of that experiment was MESS EVERYWHERE.

I have read a blog post that describes the new Barry M Sunset Nail Paint Top Coat 10ml which costs £4.99 is a good dupe for this. Considering that the Seche Vite is 14ml buy costs £11.00 I think it is worth trying out the Barry M offering.

The Seche Vite does clump up and become super gloopy so I am really sure that the last 4ml never gets used up.

For now however, the Seche Vite really is a HG top coat.

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