Tuesday, 14 July 2015

All About Lips #60

No7 Protect & Perfect Lip Care

Here is a cream product in a tube. Thus far, I had only known of cream products in tins (Nivea) and wax products in tubes.
No7 Protect & Perfect Lip Care
I picked this up because I had a No7 Voucher, and I needed a lip balm (lost mine, found it afterwards at the bottom of my handbag).

This smells like edible vanilla, which is really pleasant. When applied on the lips, it needs to be worked in, which is easy enough. I tend to apply it to the bottom lip and then rub and smack my lips together. 

It does leave a bit of a feeling, more like a dry feeling, which wants more cream but in a good way. 

I do really like this product, and I like how it is not waxy because lip products go on really well after this has gone on. There is no real need for product to sink in and definitely no need to wipe it off.

Not something I have heard of, but something I do recommend whole heartedly.

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