Thursday, 18 June 2015

Indeed Labs

I managed to pick up a trio of Indeed Labs products, namely nanoblur, snoxin and hydraluron for half the price they normally retail for, at £6.49!

The cashier at Boots actually told me that this was because Indeed Labs was no longer stocked in that particular branch of Boots.

I was excited to try out Indeed Labs and thought it was a bargain and good way to try it out.
The products are all 5ml but should be enough for me to decide if I like it.

This is a primer which can be used as a last step of skincare and it is advised on the box to use after liquid foundation or before powder foundation in a  "patting" motion.
I tried it after liquid foundation but this product is so sticky. It does blur the skin but when I pat it, it sort of moves the foundation around. It also takes down any glow/sheen. I am not a fan of how it feels personally.
This is one to use for a perfect face and not one I would use daily.

This is a multi-peptide, anti-aging serum which does not offer surface hydration so I will use it with a moisturising serum like hydraluron/vichy aqualia serum and then a moisturising cream.

This is to be used before a moisturising cream as it provides below the surface hydration and is not a substitute for topical moisturising cream.

So far, I am not loving nanoblur. I have used it in a multitude of ways but my foundation sort of clumps together when I use it so I am not a big fan of this. Perhaps I am using this wrong, have you tried this and please let me know how you use it?

I find it difficult to test skincare compared to makeup unless it really makes a difference so big that I can actually see it. This is unusual as most products take time to work... Snoxin works nicely enough although I am more focused on hydration than anti-aging at the moment. I do use it but I don't actively seek it out.
Hydraluron is my favourite of the three but even then, I am not inclined to repurchase because of price and how effective it was..

Have you had better luck with Indeed Labs? Let me know in the comments below.

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