Monday, 15 June 2015

Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Nude Look BB Cream

 Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Nude Look BB Cream - 02 Medium Beige
Multi-Perfecting Glow Moisturiser SPF30 - PA++

This was actually a sample which came in the BBB Dream Box III that I have finally decided to trial - I have way too many samples and beauty products. Seriously it is getting out of hand.

I was not sure how I felt when I squeezed this out, but I knew I had too much product on my hand...

A little goes a long way and the 02 Medium Beige is actually a really good shade match for me.

The product is fragranced but this does not linger as soon as you have applied it, the scent dissipates.

I've included this leftover BB cream swatch and then blended it out on the side of the back of my hand to show you how it looks.

 This is the finished look when I completed all my make up.

I found that even though this is a BB cream it has a really high coverage, more on medium-high and it is slightly buildable althought if it is hyerpigmentation, you are better off using a concealer because this has a slight glow to it.

I must say I really like how it looks applied on and it lasted the whole day on me without getting overly shiny.

If you are looking for a no makeup make up look, this might not be the one as it does look quite full coverage (I am really used to sheer coverage) but I do love how it looks on the skin.

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