Sunday, 12 April 2015

Innocent Coconut Water

So I was shopping at Waitrose the other day, a change from my usual Morrisons shop when I fancied some coconut water.
I used to buy Vita Coco and Ocado frequently had 3 for £10 which is when I would pick them up.

I do find coconut water very expensive in UK, especially when at home (Malaysia) coconut water costs about £1 for a big bottle and even cheaper in Thailand, as long as you are not paying tourists' prices!


The picture may have given it away, but basically I saw this, just under my thumb is a little green tab thing saying "new" and it was £2.50, cheaper than the other coconut water offerings by almost a whole pound! So, I picked it up thinking I will give it a go and it can't be that bad.

Not only did I tweet Innocent about this drink

I also picked up 4 more of this Innocent Coconut Water
  • made from the water of 4½ tasty coconuts
  • naturally supports hydration
  • low calorie and fat free

I copied those exact words from the website and on the packaging, it says on the packaging that this is made out of 4 and 1/2 coconuts and a secret!
I emailed in to ask about whether this secret is still a coconut, effectively making this product purely coconut water with nothing added!

I am not sponsored to write this, but thought I would share this with you.
As Innocent has tweeted, this is currently on sale at Waitrose for £2.50
I have reason to believe that it is about £3.20 when it goes back to regular price, which still makes it cheaper than Vita Coco, and a tastier version!

We can confirm that there is nothing but four and a half coconuts in our coconut water.

We simply pick delicious coconuts, crack them open, collect the water inside, pasteurise it (to make it safe to drink), and then we pack and chill it at source. And that’s it. We just use a team of experts and a few special coconuts. No concentrates, no sweeteners, and nothing artificial whatsoever. Just 100% pure coconut water.

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