Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Beauty Blogger Sales and Swaps

Beauty Blogger Sales and Swaps

Guerlain Meteorites Powder in Medium
I just got this through the post and I paid £25 for this (including postage) because it is slightly used.
For someone who has always been unsure about this powder, I thought it was an incredible deal and I don't mind powders as most people use a brush with it. The seller had said she had used this two-three times. Although it was not in perfect condition when it arrived (through no fault of the seller as the little pearls would just move around under the puff) so some of the pearls are slightly cracked, but still beautiful!

The scent is very strong and I have read that it is the typical Guerlain scent but it might be something to note if you are sensitive to perfume or to try it in store before splurging! I am really liking the effect of this so far.

Here I've taken some photos, the first photo is just my hand (sans product) and the second photo is using the puff, I just "puffed" my hand once

The photo (left) is just of the "puffed" hand and the photo (right) is with it blended out!

I then went on to get a few items from one person. I paid £28 (including postage) for all these goodies

Too Face Natural At Night Sexy & Sultry Eye Shadow Collection

Here is how the palette looks
 As it was a blogger sale and swap, obviously this is not brand new but it looks good, the colours are very pretty especially that Moon Bronze colour OMG
 I have not quite used to palette but I will be playing with it!

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Khaki and Cocoa
Both of these are travel/sample (not full) sizes at 1g but they are so cute and are going to be incredible for travel. They will also probably run out too quickly if I use them everyday. *cry*

This is Khaki and I have already used this - LOVE
 This is Cocoa, a rich dark brown as the name suggests.
 Here is a swatch of the two colours and I really love the colour Khaki

Lastly,  I picked up a Marc Jacobs lipstick in 106 Moody Margot

This is very pretty and I am so glad the colour works on me. The packaging is very chic but it is quite heavy! The magnetic click is a plus but I am unsure about how I feel about the sheer weight of it. Rest assured it will be coming up on a AllAboutLips post, OF COURSE!

Here is a quick swatch of it

I think that this beauty blogger sale and swaps is an amazing idea as we get to buy stuff at a discounted place. Yes it is not brand new, but the items I have picked up are all easy to clean (just swipe off top layer).

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