Thursday, 12 March 2015


Here's a disclaimer/warning, I had a very bad reaction to something (no idea what) and I am including pictures of my inflamed, sore and red face and to tell you about a product which worked for me!

Read on for more information.

Moa the green balm.

Nothing else worked and the sting gradually crawled down from the sides of my nose to my chin and then it gradually moved up to my forehead and by then I tried to wipe off anything and everything on my face but it just really stung.

I tried a little bit of Avene Cilcafate and that really hurt so I wiped it off (Caudalie Organic Grape Water on a bit of cotton pad and very gently wiped off) and when I tried Moa the green balm, I was really terrified but hoping my chin would not fall off. It was fine, and then it calmed down.

So, I did the most sensible thing at that moment. I slathered the Moa green balm absolutely everywhere. It calmed my inflammation immediately which I am so grateful for!

I bought mine at Cult Beauty HERE at £5 for 15ml. It is only £9.99 for 50ml, which I have been saying I will purchase but it's been almost a year and I am not done with my little pot of goodness!

I highly recommend getting this product and currently Cult Beauty has a 15% off for VivianaDoesMakeUP's readers.
I am sure most of you already read her blog but just in case you missed the post, the code is VIVIANNA15!

Happy shopping!

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