Sunday, 1 February 2015

BareMinerals Original Foundation

So I was strolling along Debenhams, Oxford Street and I wanted to try out the BareMinerals Original Foundation.

I have previously been matched to a colour which I was not happy about, but I liked how the foundation looked and felt on my skin.

This time, I was matched to Light and the lady at the counter (I forgot to get her name) was super helpful and very friendly.

This photo is taken under artificial lighting and I have no blusher or bronzer on, just foundation (no mineral veil on top)

Here is another selfie

The product actually blended really seamlessly and looks good even after 5 hours (I went home and took it off after that) and it looks like skin.
I would probably wear even less than what was put on me, but this is a foundation I am looking to buy when I finish up some of the ones I own at the moment. I picked up at FeelUnique (a haul pos is somewhere in the making) and here is a cheeky quick peek at how it performs.

You can see that the foundation has covered up the redness in my cheeks while looking really just like skin!
 (Sorry about lighting)

What is your experience with the BareMinerals Original Foundation?

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