Saturday, 17 January 2015


Beauty Gifts

So December was a big month for gifts because of Christmas and earlier in the month it was my birthday so I received quite a few bits.

I featured some of them, but some came late and some are Christmas presents, but let's dive into this!

First up is this beautiful jewellery holder from River Island!
This actually came with two packs of chocolates from my friend Putu, who sent me this even though she is halfway across the world.

I really like this present, and I put the bits I wear daily (or almost daily), which include my Pandora bracelet, my watch, a necklace I just received and a Pandora ring here. I also leave my earrings on the little plate.

My sister got me this Top 10 Bestsellers from Benefit!

I took it out of the box and took a separate photograph of it

These four, I have and love, I have the full size of each of these 4.

These 4 I have not tried and am keen to give it a whirl, although I will probably take them and try them when I am on holiday.

These two, I have and I am not a big fan of "They're Real" but I like posietint, not a favourite as I prefer the original Benetint.
I am going to give They're Real another go.

This dinky little present is from Sarah Marie.
I feel like she picked something really winter appropriate and it came with a pretty ribbon and all wrapped up nicely.

The L'occitane bag essentially comes with the Shea Butter Cleansing Cream, a Shea Butter Toner (spray bottle!) and a Shea Butter Moisturiser.

I got this much later than everything else, but Yee Ling basically came down to London, we went to John Lewis at Westfield Stratford and this was the absolute last set!
 I was really excited to get it as the previous week I tried to get it at Boots but it was sold out.

Swatched below :
Lip Gloss, Lipstick and the eyeliner (all in Black Honey)

What have you received in terms of Beauty Gifts so far and which is your favourite?

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