Thursday, 20 November 2014

Found it at Debenhams

I popped into Debenhams for a facial at Clarins (writing up on this on the next post) and ended up with quite a haul of products.

First up, how lovely is the paper bag!
Now, it may seem silly to you, but I really like pretty bags, because I put a lot of presents in bags like these, because my wrapping skills are just phenomenal. Honestly.

Here is the haul in total! All Clarins products as you can see.

First, let's have a look at the samples.
 Autumn, who was my therapist, recommended the Cleansing cream to take off make up in the evening, especially in the colder months. She said that shea butter would leave the skin soft and that mango was anti-pollution. I never knew that about mango!

The Blue Orchid Face Treatment Oil is one which I have been curious about for a long time, but I love the Lotus one and usually go for that because of my combination skin. This is aimed at dehydrated skin but may be suitable as well.

Next are the items I was properly recommended and hence, the haul in the first place!
 I was recommended two eye creams because the eye situation is getting pretty dire. I used to be someone who does not even believe in eye cream, but recently, after starting the BPTC (training to be a barrister), I only get about 6 hours sleep (which is more than a lot of people) and it is really showing.

The Eye Contour Gel, I am meant to use daily and to put in the fridge for an extra zing in the mornings and the Eye Revive Beauty Flash only 3 times per week.
I nabbed these at £27 and £26.10 each since there is a 10% discount going storewide at the moment.

Lastly, I picked up this Renew-Plus Body Serum
I picked this up because it has the same ingredients as my favourite Clarins serum, the Multi-active one, which frankly costs too much to even contemplate and makes me want to cry.
This is suppose to help with bacne, so it will be saved only for my back even though it can be used all over, but at £35.10 (after 10%) it is too expensive to use all over.
My bacne has returned due to stress and lack of sleep, but I am hoping this will help.

Since I spent over £75 a certain amount, I was given the Clarins Christmas Candle, which I will be gifting someone for Christmas because it smells lovely but will overpower my small room.

Finally, I was given an invite.
I love the Christmas Bauble here and wish there was an actual one, I would buy it.
The Christmas Party at Debenhams falls on 3rd December, which happens to be my birthday and I actually will not be in London so I am not turning up for this.

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