Saturday, 13 September 2014

L'occitane roses 4 reines rollerball perfume

I have quite a collection of perfumes because I smell something and I fall in love with the scent. As such I tend to prefer buying the smallest versions of scents and perfumes available. Usually this is the 30ml bottle and although it usually works out cheaper to buy the 100ml bottle, I tend to tire of the scent before I am even done with it.

My smallest perfume is actually a rollerball, and this is actually a repurchase!

To my knowledge, L'occitane has a rollerball perfume for the roses and peonies. Of course, both these perfumes have big bottles to purchase, which I highly recommend by the way.

I love both the peonies and roses, they are different and both beautiful, and I genuinely cannot remember if I bought the peonies or roses rollerball first and subsequently lost it in my handbag because before both purchases, I cannot decide and sniffed both extensively.

However, my second purchase, which thankfully is safely in my make up bag, is the roses one. L'occitane claims that it is a blend of 4 roses grown in Provence.

I am not the biggest fan of roses, mainly traumatised by the artificial rose scent. However, even the Melvita Damask Rose water is too intense for me. This L'occitane roses perfume is beautiful. It smells like how things will if you rolled in a field of rose petals, or bathed in a bath tub filled with rose petals and oil.

The rollerball makes it handy to take the 10ml around and it is easy to apply it to the bank of the ears and on my wrists. The packaging also makes it difficult to overapply and it does not spill and there isn't a real danger of breaking it.

I never travel without this, and I don't plan to ever travel without it. In fact, I plan to pick up the peonies rollerball perfume.

Do you have any experience with L'occitane perfume?

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