Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Lancome Juicy Tubes

Lancome Juicy Tubes

I got these from Anna (I actually got 4)and I really wanted them last year.
Best of all, these are the small/minis and they are even cuter than the big ones.
I definitely gave one away, a more bronzey colour but I cannot remember what happened to the other since I could only find these two.

However, I rarely used them, if ever.

1. They're sticky
2. They're not small enough to go in my going-out-purse
3. I just prefer other lip glosses

I do love the packaging and how they all smell.

The light pink one smells a bit more vanilla and has gold shimmer.

The bright pink one smells like raspberry and has blue shimmer

Both are really fruity smelling and have shimmer and glitter.

Are you a big fan of the Lancome Juicy Tubes?

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