Monday, 7 July 2014

My day at Burberry Beauty Box

Burberry make up was never one that I wanted to try, but there came an opportunity I simply could not resist and I bought 3 items and received a perfume sample!

The Burberry Beauty Box at Covent Garden is two storeys and every single person working in there is lovely and sweet and amazing.

I did not get names (terrible me) but every lady was helpful, friendly and knowledgeable!

The items also came in this special carrier for make up (the usual burberry bag is bigger)

and let's unveil it for the goodies now!
 I love that each item comes in its own little box

Let's start with my sample/freebie - Burberry Brit Rhythm
 I love how adorable this is but I had a whiff and did not particularly fancy it.
If any of you readers out there like this, let me know, I may post it to you.
Failing which I will sell it on eBay =P

I bought a lipstick (obviously) and this is the Buberry Lip Velvet in Peony Rose
The name is an absolute winner in my books.
I struggle with the Peony and Rose scent in L'occitane (as in which to buy) because I love both so this name was just win-win!

The lipstick itself has the burberry print all over
As does the casing of the lipstick, which is also magnetic.
The colour is a pinky brown, which is a My Lips But Better kind of shade and I have naughtily worn this before taking this picture but I will do a proper swatch in an upcoming post!

Here is my other lip purchase -  you did not expect me to stop at one, did you?
This is Nude Beige, and is the prettiest light wash of pink gloss on my lips. I adore the packaging of this!

My biggest purchase is actually the eye palette and this may just be the most exciting yet!

 This is pink taupe and is a beautiful mixture of nude shades which have a slight pink touch
and it comes with a little pouch and three mini brushes which I am sure I will never use.

To end of this post is a picture of the two lovely ladies who introduced me to the beautiful world of Burberry make up. Bob and Audrey. Audrey and Bob. Massive loves.

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