Saturday, 12 July 2014


I have had a brush with the brand when I got the lovely conditioner off Asos at some ridiculously discounted price.

After reading about a fundraiser they were doing, I decided to purchase a pack, which one 1 for you and 1 for  your friend.

I would get 2 shampyous, 2 conditioners, and 4 superserum shots (2 for each bottle of shampyou) at the price of £48.

Usually a bottle of shampyou would be £ and a bottle of conditioner £ each shot would cost £

So this was a bargain and a delightful way to try the product out.

I asked Anna if she wanted to take 1 set off me, if not I would have both to myself and try the different shampyou bases but she agreed to take 1 set off my hands.

My lovely box just arrived today and it is packed in a lovely concoction box with minimal faff and is a good small size (save the planet!)

Inside were these lovely things

Here is my Superserum shot, I actually got 2 of the same shot which is the Back to the roots one which is good for the roots/scalp
 The base of my choice is the Bakhour, which simply smells amazing.
Another good scent is the Rosemary and Mint!
 This is the only conditioner which Concoction does, which smells supreme and although I said I would not repurchase at my Empties post, I have now realised that ALL my conditioners have Demithicone high on the ingredients list. HASHTAG FAIL.

I am excited about using this duo - I've put my superserum shots into my shampyou and am all set to go!

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