Saturday, 10 May 2014

Beach essentials

So I had a short trip to Faro, Portugal with my sister from another mother.
We went to the beach everyday, but from different cities as south of Portugal is basically a big big beach - paradise.

We both only had carry-ons and so we jam packed our allowance for liquids, as shown in the picture.

My beach essentials daily was my two sunscreens, my Lush red lip stain and a Yves Rocher lip balm. I did not actually take my Bobbi Brown Foundation Stick out but I LOVE THAT so so much, and yes, the Body Shop comb.

One is Shiseido Aneesa SPF50 for the face.
This version is specific for the Asian market and I did buy it in Sephora Malaysia, you can buy it on Amazon but there is also a silver version and Shiseido does a few good sunscreens regardless.
This is watery, slightly oily but leaves no white cast on my skin.

I also bought a SPF30 for Men and it is also a facial sunscreen but I used it all over my body while I was out and about in Portugal.
I hope it worked well, I have no burns despite being in the sun lots and did not get too tanned, just a kiss of colour.

The Lush lip stain was pretty multi purpose. It is creamy and very hydrating so essentially worked as a lip balm, adds a beautiful red colour and works well as a blush when blended out nicely on the cheeks.

The Yves Rocher lip balm I just kept slathering on to keep my poor lips as hydrated as possible.

So although I brought a gazillion products, these were my beach essentials.
What are yours?

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