Thursday, 24 April 2014

Space NK Haul #2

So the delivery finally arrived (it did not take too long, I was just extremely impatient)
So in the last post (you can read it HERE) I mentioned I was getting 2 items, 1 of which I was really excited about!

Here is a picture of item #1 which I needed because my old one was falling apart
just a standard eyebrow brush and lash comb.
I picked this Space NK own because I liked that the lash comb had a cover, it feels more hygienic,
and the comb is actually metal tooth, much better for separating spidery lashes if you have gone over the top with your mascara than the plastic tooth ones (mine broke in several places).
The brush is actually quite sturdy and even a little tough so I am quite gentle when brushing my brows.

and here is the item I was describing for people to guess!

Yes, it is the NARS Matte Multiple in the colour Laos.
As you can tell I love it and I have included some pictures of how it looks on my cheeks and lips below.

As the name suggests, you can use it in multiple ways, mainly cheeks and lips.
Like lipstick you can wear it sheer or build it up to a stronger intensity or wear it straight from the tube for a stronger finish, which I have done in the pictures below.

If you wanted to read about my first Space NK Haul you can read it HERE

Do you have any NARS product? What is your favourite?

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