Sunday, 13 April 2014

KIKO experience

My friend Grace came to visit me from Glasgow and we were browsing around Regent Street because it was slightly less crowded than Oxford Street and I finally went into KIKO for the first time.
I have been curious after reading about it, and yesterday I finally went in.

First off, things are CHEAP. They look professional enough and are cheap, especially for a makeup store which has its own proper shop. You will not see MAC selling anything for these sort of prices.
I loved the music in the background, it was not TOO loud, but the funky lighting was driving me bonkers. I would have to wait until it was normal lighting to try and see the swatches on my hand, not something I like.

I did make a few purchases (of course) and let's get on to the products!

First up is the Rock Idol Lipstick in 02.
I initially thought this was a lip liner.
This is actually my most expensive purchase at £7.90 for 1.5g but I love the colour so much!
The twist up slim pencil also makes application an absolute breeze.
Overall, LOVING this.

 Next it the Luscious Creamy Lipstick in 511.

This is a blue-toned red lipstick.
I could not resist buying a red lipstick and this one jumped out at me.
The packaging is also different.
This was £6.90 for 3.5g.

Next is the Smart Lipstick in 913.
This is a slightly more satin finish and is a darker, almost mauve but still nude colour on me.
This costs £3.90 for 3.5g, and insane price.

Here are some pictures of me wearing the colours, in exact chronological order of completely bare lips,  Rock Idol 02, Luscious Cream Lipstick 511 and Smart Lipstick 913.

I also picked up 2 eyeliners or Glamorous eye pencils as they are called.

Each cost me £4.20 and are the sharpening type.
The twist up cost a little bit more and I thought I would just try these.

I bought the colour 409

This is the colour 413

Have you been to Kiko or bought anything online?
Let me know =)

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