Wednesday, 9 April 2014

All about lips #1

I thought I might start something new, which will basically be me featuring a few lip products on a monthly basis, and I am really excited to be doing this!

Elizabeth Arden Lipgloss In Sunset

I love this lipgloss. It has a slightly sticky feeling which is not its best feature, but it does help me remember that it is on and I will know when it is wearing off.
The lipgloss packaging itself has a little reflective surface which acts as a handy mirror on the go.
It does have a plumping effect and definitely makes my big lips look extra large.

Topshop Lip Paint

I think I have worn this out once it looks very neutral in the tube but somehow looks quite bright on me, almost bubble gum pink.
The first picture is with one swipe and when I tried to build it up and it was just brighter.

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