Saturday, 21 April 2018

Oral B Pro 2 2000N Electric Toothbrush

For Christmas 2017, I asked for an electric toothbrush because mine was worse for wear and I just really wanted to have a new one. Enter the Oral B Pro 2 2000N Electric Toothbrush.

The box does not actually give you that much information but it is a very sleek box and looks very professional in that it is not cluttered. The contents of the box are simple enough. You get a cross action brush head if you purchase the Oral B Pro 2 2000N but if you go for the 2000S you get a sensitive brush head. You then get the toothbrush holder portion, a charger, a warranty card and an information booklet, all packed neatly away.

I would have liked for a toothbrush travel case to be included as I now do not really know what I will travel with this without messing around with the brush head. 

This toothbrush also has a pressure sensor and the back portion will light up bright red if you are exerting too much pressure on the brush (against your teeth).

The toothbrush flashes red when the charge is low and you need to charge it. During charging, it flashes green and it lasts 2 weeks before you need to recharge it.

Overall, I am really delighted with this and comparing this to my previous Colgate Omron Electric Toothbrush, this left my mouth feeling really clean and actually removed some stains I had on my lower teeth. Imagine my delight! Will also pointed out that my teeth looked whiter, even just 5 days into using this. WHAT.

Would I recommend this? Yes, without a doubt!

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